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Tree of Life Sea Moss

Tree of Life Shea Butters

Boss Up with Moss Up

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Greetings & Welcome

This is the new home for Tree of Life Sea Moss & Shea Butters. Using only Wild-Crafted & Organic Sea Moss, our gels help protect, nourish, energise & cleanse your system. You owe it to yourself, grab your Tree of Life Sea Moss whilst stocks last

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About Us

Greetings & Welcome to the Tree of Life Sea Moss & Shea Family!

At Tree Of Life, we like to promote health as being our true wealth and we believe the more plant-based, the better. We are a small, family-run company based in Rochester, United Kingdom our #1 aim, is to provide you with Sea Moss gels of the highest quality and potency, at a competitive price. 

Our plant-based journey starts back in January of 2009 when my wife & I decided to stop eating meat, (we stuck to a vegan diet for 3-4 years but we have gradually switched to a Pescatarian diet). We noticed a huge difference in how our bodies felt by switching over to a plant-based diet i.e. a lot less bloating of the abdomen, curing of long term IBS, fewer instances of illness due to having a stronger immune system, more energy, better skin complexion, better weight maintenance, less overeating, and the list goes on! My wife began seeking out other plants from the wonderful world of natural remedies & studying their benefits and that's when she discovered the amazing algae, Sea Moss! We have been taking Sea Moss ever since, absolutely love the benefits (it's like becoming plant-based all over again!!) but we couldn't seem to find a quality, consistent supply, that's when Tree of Life was formed.

Our focus is on providing you with high quality, certified Wildcrafted 100% Organic Sea Moss that is sustainably sourced & ethically harvested from the amazing coastlines of the Caribbean & North Atlantic. All of our Booster products that are added to our gels are equally 100% Organic, all-natural & we ensure they are approved and bare the mark of the Vegan Society. We do not add any preservatives, fillers or other nasties to our gels, just fresh, pure filtered spring water and a whole lot of love!

We feel honoured that you are now part of the family & would like to thank you for visiting the Tree of Life. Sea Moss is a truly magical plant and if you have any questions, queries please do email us, send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook and we will do our very best to answer any and all of you.

Start feeling the amazing power of Sea Moss today, it's time you invest in your Tree of Life

Stay Blessed & Peace Be unto You

Heru & Natalie

The Tree of Life Family

About Us